pair of Fat Ladies Tand Dynasty
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pair of Fat Ladies Tand Dynasty

Pair of sculptures made in terracotta, which present two court ladies in a seated attitude, one of them standing out for the presence of a little dog that is arranged at their feet. Both sculptures preserve their polychromy, as can be seen in the details of their clothing and in their black hair. This type of figurine, known as "fat ladies" by the beauty canon of the time, somewhat removed from the current one, showed courtesans dressed in gala, highlighting their costumes and elements with the polychromy used, maintaining in some cases a slight curvature in the the body that brings elegance.

The Tang dynasty is considered by historians as a moment of splendor of Chinese civilization, equal to or even superior to the Han period. Emerged after a period of despotism under the reign of the cruel Yang Di, it was established by Li Shimin who, moved by filial piety, he put his father on the throne before assuming the role of emperor himself and founding the Tang dynasty. Spurred by contact with India and the Middle East via the Silk Road, the Tang empire experienced a creative boom in many fields. Buddhism, which had emerged in India at the time of Confucius, continued to flourish during this period and was adopted by the imperial family, becoming an essential part of traditional Chinese culture. Likewise, the development of the printing press extended the diffusion of written works, giving rise to the golden age of Chinese art and literature.

Attach certificate of thermoluminescence. 34 x 14 x 15cm

fat lady couple
34 x 14 x 15cm

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