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Lot: 834
pair of ducks. Chinese Han Dynasty

Pair of gooses made of polychrome terracotta, to which is added the presence of legs made of bronze. These are free, in such a way that they can be removed from each of the figures. Both pieces that present the same typology, differ in a certain way in the tones that make up the details of the body.

The Han dynasty ruled China from 206 BC to 220 AD, more than four centuries during which the political structures were consolidated, China''s social and economic developments, which will lead the country to the most glorious stage in its history. As for the art of this moment, it continues to be eminently funerary, although it reflects the very high artistic level that will be reached both in the capitals and in the provinces. These preserved objects give us an insight into the daily life and customs of the time, as art becomes much more mundane than the bronzes of the Zhou and Shang periods. The structures of the tombs are also modified: the Shang were vertical, while the

Han will be built as underground palaces. They were decorated with embossed reliefs with scenes from the life of the deceased, and a new material was incorporated as an artistic support: lacquer. However, the most famous today is the production of Han ceramics, in terracotta and decorated with cold-applied slips, mainly black and red.

Attach certificate of thermoluminescence.


- LFS, Private Collection, Madrid. Bought at an antiques dealer in Hong Kong. 19 and 20 cm tall

Han dynasty pair of geese
19 and 20 cm tall

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