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Lot: 229
Rafael Canogar. Ishtar Gate (1996)

"Ishtar Gate (1996)". Mixed technique on board.

Signed, dated (96) and titled on the upper right.


- Collection of the artist, Madrid [1997]

- Art and Nature Collection, Madrid [2002, 2003, 2006]

- AN collection [2009]

- Private collection, Spain


- 1996. Canogar. recent work Palma de Mallorca, Sala Pelaires Galeria d''Art, from May 7

- 1997. Canogar 1957-1997. Toledo, Santa Cruz Museum, May-July // Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real Museum, September-October // Albacete, Albacete Museum, November-December

- 1998. Rafael Canogar. Paint. Lisbon, António Prates Contemporary Art Gallery, May 8-June 7

- 2002. Rafael Canogar. Recent work. Granada, La General Cultural Center, Carmen of the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation, June 6-July 14

- 2003. Rafael Canogar. reality and memory 1992-2003. Madrid, Pablo Ruiz Picasso Room [Círculo de Bellas Artes], March 25-April 27

- 2003-04. canogar. Warsaw, Palac w Królikarni, June 27-July 27, 2003 // Buenos Aires, National Museum of Fine Arts, November 12-December 11, 2003 // Monterrey, Mexico, Pinacoteca Centro de las Artes La Fundidora, February 19-April 4, 2004 / / Mexico City, Antiguo Colegio San Ildefonso, April 22-June 20, 2004 // Montevideo, National Museum of Visual Arts, October 14-November 19, 2004


- CALVO SERRALLER, Francisco: Rafael Canogar. Recent work. Granada, Caja de Granada, Obra Social / Fundación Cruz Campo / Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta, 2002 (Repr. color s/p.; cit. p. 81, nº 14, with dimensions 113 x 248 cm) [cat. exp.]

- CRISPOLTI, Enrico: “Times and intentions in Canogar''s quest: two notes” = “Times and intentions in Canogar''s quest: two notes”. In BONET [PLANES], Juan Manuel, MARTÍN DE ARGILA, María Luisa, CANOGAR, Rafael, CRISPOLTI, Enrico, AGUILERA CERNI, Vicente NIETO ALCAIDE, Víctor and CALVO SERRALLER, Francisco: Canogar. Madrid, State Society for Foreign Cultural Action, SEACEX, 2003 (Repr. color p. 71) [cat. exp.]

- GARCÍA BERRIO, Antonio: “Rafael Canogar: constancy of the antithesis”. Western Magazine (Madrid), nº 347, April 2010 (Cit. p. 106)

- MARTÍN DE ARGILA, María Luisa and BARNATÁN, Marcos-Ricardo: Rafael Canogar. reality and memory 1992-2003. Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes, 2003 (Repr. color page 31, with mixed technique on paper and wood) [cat. exp.]

- “Na Galeria António Prates Contemporary Art: A great work of Rafael Canogar”. Clipping-Portuguese Printing Clippings Organization, Lda. (Liboa), June 4, 1998 (Repr. p. 18)

- NIETO ALCAIDE, Víctor: Canogar 1957-1997. [Toledo], Publications Service of the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha [1997], Art and Image Collection, No. 2 (Repr. color p. 205) [cat. exp.]

- NIETO ALCAIDE, Víctor: Rafael Canogar. The passage of painting Donostia-San Sebastián, Nerea, SA, 2006 (Repr. color and cit. p. 137, plate 106; cit. pp. 135-137 and 173, plate 106)

- PAREDES, Tomás: Rafael Canogar . Paint. Lisbon, António Prates Arte Contemporânea Gallery, 1998 (Repr. color page 10) [cat. exp.]. 113 x 243cm

Ishtar Gate (1996)
113 x 243cm
Painting technique
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