SILVER 101 Results
The art of modeling silver to create objects as a means of daily use is known as goldsmithing. The oldest known piece of silver work dates back to the 7th century B.C. It is a religious text found in a burial site. Throughout the centuries, silver has been considered a noble material that has been used to manufacture domestic and religious objects, jewelry, weapons, and so on, as a demonstration of a prominent social position. The typology and style of silverware have evolved according to the tastes and trends of each era and geographical area. From the simplicity and purity of lines of Greece and Rome, to the predominance of religious goldsmithery in the Middle Ages, the elegance of the Renaissance or the fantasy of the Rococo until the twentieth century where silver objects have a purely artistic and decorative sense. In Durán Arte y Subastas' in-person auction, online store and online auction, you will find antique and contemporary silver objects at very competitive prices.

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