STREET ART 11 Results
Urban art has its origins in graffiti and other forms of artistic expression represented in street spaces, this term began to be used in the 90s. What begins as a transgression evolves into a means to communicate with vindictive content of social, political themes, and so on. Graffiti, as a cultural movement, was born in New York in the 80's and is linked to the cultural heritage of Hip-Hop. In Spain, Juan Carlos Argüello, Muelle, from Madrid, is one of the pioneers in stamping his signature not only in Madrid but all over Spain. Durán Arte y Subastas, in its commitment to new artistic languages, participates in urban culture events. In 2017 Durán Online Gallery was born, a space with a clear support for urban art and artists who have been trained in the street and have achieved great national and international recognition. In face-to-face auction, online store, online auction and in Durán Online Gallery one will find representative works of Street Art and New Contemporary Art by artists. One can also be informed of the latest trends and share experiences in our events and participation in major art fairs such as Urvanity.

Durán Sala de Arte 2024

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