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Lot: 866
Relief 2345 - 2190 BC

Egyptian limestone bas-relief with a scene of an animal sacrifice, probably from a mastaba. In the center of the composition appears a dead ox lying on its back. On the left side, a man uses both hands to grasp a leg and hold it high while another character cuts the junction of the leg with the body with a butcher knife. On the right side, a third character appears sharpening his knife. Considering that this relief could have been located on the wall of a tomb, the scene probably represents a ceremonial scene of animal sacrifice with the aim of honoring the deceased and also as visual instructions of the procedures on which these rituals should be based. Likewise, it is very likely that the characters in the scene are priests of a temple.

It shows superficial wear and professional restorations on fracture lines. Excellent state of conservation. Egypt. 6th Dynasty. 2345- 2190 BC

Similar examples:

- On the walls of the Luxor temple

- Penn Museum. Detail of a butchering scene from the west wall of tomb chapel of Kapure. Inventory:E15729

- Art Institute of Chicago.Fragment of a Tomb Wall Depicting Offering Bearers and Butchers- Inventory number: 1910.226

- Cattle butchering scene, an Egyptian limestone relief from Saqqara, about 2300 BC, 5-6th Dynasty, Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, on display in the Staatliches Museum Agyptischer Kunst.

- Sacrifice of animal oblations ( Temple of Hatshepsut ). 15th Century BC). 39.5 x 56cm

bas relief
39.5 x 56cm

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