Auction 614 November 2022

Auction of Contemporary Painting, Old Painting, XIX Century. Contemporary Graphic Work. Jewelry and watches. Contemporary Sculpture. Goldsmith Books and Manuscripts. Decorative Arts and Furniture. archeology. Contemporary art and prints. contemporary sculpture and multiple


With works by Manuel Broto, Ouka Lelee, Eduardo Naranjo, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Benjamín Palencia, Luis Gordillo, Hernández Pijuán, Hans Hartung, Canogar, Erwin Betchtold, Juan Genovés, Bonifacio Francisco Miralles, José Llaneces. Old books, manuscripts and bibliophilia. Autograph dedication of Federico García Lorca. Jewelry, wristwatches, collectible stones and hard stones. Decorative arts, collection of English pieces of silver and pottery, Important selection of archaeological pieces. Extraordinary collection of figures carved in hard stones (Fabergé). Furniture. Collection of old carpets. Bronze sculptures. Religious sculpture. vintage section


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Durán Sala de Arte 2023

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