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Lot: 166
Rafael Canogar. Painting (1959)

"Painting (1959)". Oil on canvas. Signed and dated (59) in the lower right corner.

Work referenced on the artist''s website ( with the code 1959-055.


- L''Attico Gallery, Rome, 1959

- Mendoza Collection, Madrid, 1992

- Private Collection 1997 - 2008

- Collection of the artist, Madrid, 2001

- Private Collection , Madrid, 2009


- 1959. Canogar. Milan (Italy), Galleria Blu, from November 30

- 1997. Rafael Canogar. The passion of painting (1956-1997). Burgos, Cultural Center "Casa del Cordón", April 25-June 27

- 1997. Canogar 1957-1997. Toledo, Santa Cruz Museum, May-July // Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real Museum, September-October // Albacete, Albacete Museum, November-December

- 1997. Tribute to El Paso. 40 years later. La Coruña, Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation, November-December

- 2001. Canogar. Fifty years of painting. Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, March 21-May 28

- 2001. Rafael Canogar. From the first years to the last. Soria, Palacio de la Audiencia Cultural Center Exhibition Hall, June-July


- Canogar. General Catalog. [Barcelona], Ediciones Ibérico 2 Mil, [1992], 2 vols. (Repr. color p. 59; cit. p. 240, Reg. N. 5929, vol. 2)

- CANOGAR, Rafael: Rafael Canogar. From the first years to the last. Soria, Duques de Soria Foundation, 2001 (Repr. color page 13) [cat. exp.]

- CARUNCHO, Luis María, URANGA, Lucía H. and RIVERA NAVARRO, Marisa: Tribute to El Paso. 40 years later. La Coruña, Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, 1997 (Repr. color s/p., with title Untitled) [cat.exp.]

- CRISPOLTI, Enrico: Canogar. Milan, Galleria Blu, 1959, Collezione “Le Presenze” della Galleria Blu (Repr. bl. and n. s/p.; cit. s/p., nº 6) [cat. exp.]

- CRISPOLTI, Enrico: Rafael Canogar. Madrid, Imp. Luis Pérez, 1959, Collection of Today''s Art, nº 4 (Repr. bl. and n. s/p.)

- FERRER, Roberto [Coord.], CANOGAR, Rafael, CRISPOLTI, Enrico, NIETO ALCAIDE, Víctor, PARICIO, Javier and CIRLOT, Juan Eduardo: Rafael Canogar. Informalism 1955-1965. [Madrid], Roberto Ferrer, 2008 (Repr. color page 36)

- NIETO ALCAIDE, Víctor: Canogar 1957-1997. [Toledo], Publications Service of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha [1997], Art and Image Collection, nº 2 (Repr. color p. 78) [cat. exp.]

- NIETO ALCAIDE, Víctor, SERRANO DE HARO, Amparo and TUSELL, Javier: Canogar. Fifty years of painting. Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía / Aldeasa, 2001 (Repr. color p. 52) [cat. exp.]

- TUSELL, Javier: Canogar. The passion of painting (1956-1997). Burgos, Caja de Burgos, 1997 (Rep. color page 36) [cat. exp.]. 73x60cm

Painting (1959)
Painting technique
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